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The Funky Zebra Boutique

Established in 2008 and located exclusively inside Moi // It's All About Moi since 2010, FZB strives to debut catchy trends in kids fashion and accessories for Western Oklahoma. Over the years, we have continued to listen to our customers needs and expand our business to include not only items for children but also MENS // HOME DECOR // BATH // and BBQ Smoking Wood (shhhhh….coming soon). You can shop our men's line at or shop all of our products in person at Moi // It's All About Moi, Towne Centre, Weatherford, OK.

M. Cloyd & Co.

Cool gear you won't re-gift. We search high and low to bring you locally, USA made products. There is a reason EVERYONE that sees M. Cloyd & Co. for the first time reacts that same way with, "Ooohhhh this stuff is cool!" and "Oh my gosh Johnny will love this." and "Why did I not know this store existed?" YOU will definitely want to experience it in person. Exclusively inside Moi // It's All About Moi, Towne Centre, Weatherford, OK.

The Crazy Bell Crew

We were discouraged and told we were CRAZY to open a men's store along with our kids store. We hadn't seen crazy yet. Within the first year of M. Cloyd & Co., we experienced the historic fall of our oil and gas industry paired with the Covid-19 outbreak and yet, we are still making it!! Yay!! Crazy and blessed by God. We have amazing customers from both FZB and MCC and are so very thankful for each and every one of you!

Ryan, Amber and the crazy crew

Our Location

We are located exclusively inside Moi // It's All About Moi!

209 W. Main St.

Weatherford, OK

Summer Hours                        May 1st - July 31st            Monday-Friday 11am-6pm  Saturday 10am-4pm