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Bath Sprudels Pack of 6

BATH SPRUDELS are bath bombs for kids with a surprise sponge toy inside. SPRUDELS Six Packs contain 6 different colors, each containing a mystery sponge character. Good for 6 individual baths, if used one at a time. Also, learn first-hand about color mixing by putting 2 primary colored BATH SPRUDELS in your bath at the same time!


No essential oils!

No fragrance!

Made with food-grade ingredients - 100% SAFE.

Hand made in South Africa since 1988.

These bath bombs turn into separate mystery sponge characters. These fizzle into the bath and unfold in the mystery characters. They also release a nice aroma and makes the bath turn into a different color which makes the bath more enjoyable for the kids and maybe even the parent if it so happens to be their favorite color. Children will learn how to mix colors to create new ones. Primary colors and secondary colors, how many colors there are and things of that nature. The packaging is fun also because it allows the kid to get a peek at what’s inside. The character is still a mystery however but that’s what makes it fun and enjoyable.

This is essentially a game within a game for both the parent and child. The parent and child get to play a guessing game with one another. There’s the excitement of opening the package, looking at the color of the bath bomb, guessing what color the water is going to turn and guessing what characters or going to animal is going to appear in the water for the kids to play with. Fun and enjoyable for everyone that gets to play a part with this. Whether it be the purchasing of the product or if it’s getting to use the product. To make it even more fun, instead of only using 1 sprudel at a time, multiple can be used to infuse different fragrances and colors in the water.


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$ 14.99

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